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Handmade Hammers & High Heels Home Decor and More at Finch's Holiday Boutique!

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For the first time ever I will have some of my handmade creations up for sale!  Where you ask?
At Finch's Holiday Time Boutique...
featuring unique items from over 50 artists & designers, just in time for the holidays!
(and sorry to the long distance readers, this one is local here in Minneapolis)

Mark your calendars, the Handmade Open House is Saturday, December 3rd from 11am-5pm, and Sunday, December 4th from 12pm-5pm.  Check out Finch's Boutique Blog for all the event details, location, and get a sneak peek at what will be up for sale!  It really is a talented group of people with lots of incredible creations!  Special thanks to friend (and fellow home & craft blogger ) Elisa for organizing the event!
 Now, onto what I have up for sale (a lot might look familiar if you're a regular reader)!  Most of these items are things I have made for our own home.  I love them very much, so I hope that others will enjoy adding them into their own home!  Things like...

Torn Book Stacks/ Stocking Hangers
I am still in love with book stacks!  They are so easy to add into your home decor!  I have also added a hook into the book binding so you can use them as a stocking hanger/weight. 
Most are decorated for the Holidays as well with twine, yarn, burlap, and sheet music ribbon.
Torn Book Stacks/ Stocking Hanger: $4.00 each

Burlap Sacks, Decorative Pillows, Reversible Table Runners, and Storage Bins
All of the burlap items shown are made from authentic burlap coffee sacks. The Burlap Bin is also collapsible!
Large Burlap Pillow: $12.00; Small Burlap Pillow: $10.00; Collapsible Burlap Bin: $8.00; Authentic Burlap Coffee Sack: $6.00 each

This authentic burlap table runner is also reversible!  One side shows the original printing on the outside of the sack, and the other has a gray stripe down the center.  I also found burlap fabric printed with skeleton keys that I just loved so I made a couple pillows with it!
Authentic Reversible Burlap Table Runner: $12.00 each; Burlap Skeleton Key Pillow: $12.00 each

Vintage Style Wood Crates
This was a DIY favorite on our blog!  I added an ampersand symbol and black stripe to the design.  Additionally, the black stripe is chalkboard paint, so you can label what you store inside!
Vintage Style Wood Crate: $15.00

I also made these smaller black wood crates with distressed edges. 
Smaller Distressed Crate: $5.00 each

Mini Framed Chalkboards
No surprise here, I LOVE chalkboards so I had to offer up a few!  They are framed with a wire hanger and sheet music ribbon for a holiday touch.  I think they would be a cute gift-able item for the holidays!
Mini Framed Chalkboard: $6.00 each

Multi-Wear Snap Scarf/ Yoga Scarf
This item is by far the one I get the most request for... which is understandable because I think it is soooo versatile and fun!  So many ways to wear it!
I ended up making just 1 scarf in the original jersey fabric version and 4 in a simplified no-sew sweatshirt fleece version. I think the no-sew version is even better for the yoga (or even lounge-wear) use.
Multi-Wear Snap Scarf/ Yoga Scarves (Spot Clean or Dry Clean Only)
Jersey Fabric: $12.00; Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric: $10.00


I still have a couple other items at the Boutique that I didn't get photos of yet, but that is most of the bunch!

Will you be at Finch's Holiday Time Boutique???

I know I will be there early on Saturday
Hope to see you there!