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Head Over Heels Friday: The Best News We've Heard This Year

Kayd Roy2 Comments
"May I have your attention please, I have an important annoucement to make, all of you, stop what you are doing and listen....

Ron Burgundy quote from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


Our contractor just came by our house with the last invoice and to review all the final interior work. Towards the end of his visit, this is how the conversation went...

"Carla, Alex, you're all set" ~Kevin (our contractor from Dry Tech)

"So...that's it? We are done after this then, no more paperwork, invoices, insurance follow-ups, no more steps after this?" ~ Carla

"Yes, last invoice, check, everything is now complete" ~Kevin

I couldn't believe it!  I actually wasn't even expecting this to be the end, I figured there was something else we would have to do or follow up with.  Honestly, yes having a hole in our house wasn't fun at all, but the worst part of all this was dealing with all the people, follow-ups, paperwork, timing etc- and it had been going on for the last 6 months!  Well, we are free finally, FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I'm totally Head Over Heels for that!

Now, I can promise you won't be hearing anymore complaints/ posts related to the May tornado ever again!!! Hooray!!!!  We will still have some 'afters' coming soon of the redone rooms!

Oh, and our house is now filled with many leather bound books and smells of rich mahogany (another Anchorman reference for good measure).

Have a great weekend everybody!  I'll still be crazy busy finishing up our Christmas decorations for all the linky parties next week.  If you are local make sure you swing by Finch's Holiday Boutique & check out my handmade creations for sale!