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Crown Molding, Thanksgiving Prep, and a Paint Disaster

Kayd Roy9 Comments
Nothing like the last minute, right???  That is kind of how I am feeling right now.  We have family arriving tomorrow morning and we are still finishing up a few projects before the big turkey day... Ugh!

The big one being the Guest Room.  We still had to tackle putting up new crown molding since the old stuff had to come down when our new ceiling went up.
 We picked out a thicker molding so it would look a bit nicer than the small 2" molding that was there before.  Alex got to work on it over the weekend and it sure wasn't easy like we both thought it would be!   

Turns out the dormers in this room required a lot of extra effort and complex mitred cuts.
Once all of the molding went up, it was time to give it a nice coat of paint.  This is where our little paint disaster happened :)

I was nearby cleaning up our bathroom when I heard a 'clunk bloop' type of sound.  I turned around and saw something like this...
Image via Paint Pouch
(I don't have photos of our actual spill, because honestly who the heck would rush to get a camera with a ton of paint on your wood floor?!? )

I looked over at Alex and he had the Tom Hanks "Money Pit" look on his face...

 We both scrambled to grab paper towels, cleaning spray and water to start diluting the paint in order to sop it up without smearing it all over.  Totally not an easy task!  It took us TONS of paper towel to get it all cleaned up but I'd say we did it in record time.  I guess you have to though when it comes to spilled paint!

You betcha I grabbed the camera after all of that :)  Here's what remained of our little paint disaster...

After that fantastic experience, Alex got his rear back in gear and painted the crown molding.

While he has been tackling "man" tasks, I have been busy cleaning and getting the Thanksgiving Day decor in order!  At least that part is fun :)  Here is a peek at some of the goodies I brought home to tinker with!
I can't wait to show you what I do with them!
I will also get to show you the newest version of our Guest Room soon!  Errr, well we have to get it done tonight anyway since our guests arrive in the morning.  Wish us luck!

Hmmm, I might need a cup of coffee right now?