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Interior Repairs Update: All Patched Up & The Ceilings Are Painted

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 A couple weeks ago I was able to share that the hole in our Guest Room finally got patched up. Even though that was a HUGE step, we still had some work left upstairs that needed to be taken care of by the contractor before we got the house back in our hands.  Their work included removing and patching up the water damage on the walls and ceilings in the Guest Room, Office, and Stairwell/Hallway as well as getting them repainted. I was really excited about the ceiling considering I have had to paint some of the ceilings before and it is NOT a fun job!

Here's a look in the Stairwell/Hallway.  The walls were scraped and patched where the water damage occurred.

Then, the painters got set up to get the ceilings repainted.

It's been a really echo-y space for five months :)

Over in the Office they did more patching.

Then covered the room up to paint the ceilings as well.

The plastic got all loud and crazy once they turned on the fans for drying.

Lastly, of course is the Guest Room...

Here is how it looked after the hole was patched.

And now with the ceilings finished and painted.  I could barely believe my eyes when I saw this, the room looked normal again. Now this is kind of silly but totally true: When the two paint guys brought me upstairs to look at the work I actually started to tear up/cry when I saw the Guest Room. It was totally bizarre and awkward, but it just felt like such a relief! Almost like the whole tornado thing never happened! I managed to hold back from full on sobbing as best as I could because the paint guys looked really uncomfortable. At least it made for a funny story when I got to tell Alex what happened!

So now the house is back in our hands!  Alex and I decided to take on painting the walls DIY style instead of the contractor to save on cost and so that we don't have to figure out more timing to schedule work (it has been a pain with our dogs).  In the Guest Room, we have decided to keep the Cumberland Fog paint color.  I really thought I wanted to update it to a dustier blue but when I saw the room looking normal again I totally changed my mind.  I think it is special the way it is now.

Alex finished up doing some touch up paint and we were able to move the furniture back into the room. Although we still need to install the crown molding, it felt great to get the furniture out of the other rooms and back into the Guest Room (the clutter has been driving me nuts!). 
Stay tuned for more progress in the Guest Room, we are going to have some fun changes in store!
Notice the layout looking different?!?!


See you tomorrow for our last cheesy fun Halloween post!  Rocco and Sadie are excited to show you their costumes!