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Week 3 After the Tornado: We're "Hangin' Tough"

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Today marks 3 weeks since the tornado happened.  As I said yesterday, nothing has changed (other than the Mega Stump situation- part II coming soon).  So, how are we holding up with that big hole in our roof?

Since our new mantra is The New Kids on the Block 1989 hit song...Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie, and Danny decided to drop by and hang out on the ol' tarp on our roof.
"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,Oh"
While I'm at it, I might as well also Photoshop Lionel Richie Dancing On the Ceiling, er... around the hole in our ceiling.  Gee, 1986 Lionel is really blurry...sort of like those cool holograms from the 80's.  I also must say, man that music video is SUPER cheesy!!!!
Hammers and High Fives for Dean, thanks for additional tornado related 80's reference!
 Going through this process with insurance and our contractor is very stressful and unpredicatable.  We still don't know when actual construction will begin on our house and don't know when it will all be done.   With so many things going on, it makes me very appreciative of the relationship Alex and I have.  We know when to make each other laugh in difficult situations (hence this post). I've even been sining Hangin Tough for a few days now :) Much to Alex's delight.

I hope you got a laugh out of this post too!  I'm still looking forward to the day I can share a blog post about finalizing the scope of work with insurance and our contractor.  Until then we'll be Hangin Tough (under our tarp). 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Posts to come this week: Spare Room Decor Update, Man vs. Stump: Part II, and Lead/ Asbestos Testing in Damaged Rooms (that post will be very interesting, it was pretty cool!).  Hope you will stop by!