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A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Happy Thanksgiving blog friends!  We are having a blast with our family and I hope everyone else is too!  I just love it when we get to share our home with family since it doesn't happen often living so far away.  An extra fun part of this visit is seeing our nephew Henri! 
 It is about 2:00pm here in Minnesota and we are having our appetizer/ munchies before the big turkey dinner.  I made my favorite fruit and cheese plate... smoked gouda, baked brie and cranberry goat cheese...YUM! (did I mention cheese is my favorite food?)
Here's a picture of me with my cheese (it's cheesy I know).  But I had to show it because I made the tunic dress I am wearing, and totally love it!  I will post a blog in the next few days with the DIY steps showing how to make it!
 Alex has been slaving in the kitchen all morning and just got to the turkey.  He gets all the credit for our Thanksgiving Dinner, he is the head chef in our house and loves to cook.  Yep, he renovates our house and cooks lovely meals, total package or what?!?
I will update this blog after we get pictures of our Thanksgiving meal on the table!  I can't wait for turkey!!!

*UPDATE*  Our Thanksgiving dinner was amazing!  Although my centerpiece did not fit on the table so it wasn't as cute of a spread, too many yummy dishes! 

Here is Alex craving the turkey, it was great and we have tons of leftovers!
I thought this was adorable and had to share, Henri loved hugging Sadie and I can't believe she stood still for it.
Here is our Thanksgiving family photo for 2010. We had a blast cooking eating, playing games and watching Christmas movies, what a wonderful day!