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Our DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece and Sideboard Decor!

Kayd Roy4 Comments
We are so excited for Thanksgiving on Thursday, mostly because we have family coming all the way from MI!  We hosted Thanksgiving last year for the first time and had so much fun cooking dinner together. Sadly, I didn't do any decor for our family gathering last year, so this year I am giving it a try for the first time!  I am really excited about what I ended up putting together!

I wish I had taken a before photo (when the glass was empty), whoops! I got this large hurricane glass from Target for $12.99 and put a smaller glass and candle inside.  Then I added some artificial leaves I bought on clearance at Joanne's and wrapped some twine around the glass.
 Here's the cool part!  I got some inspiration for this one in the Pottery Barn catalog.  I weaved some black and white photos of us and our family that will be visiting in the twine.
I think it will be a sweet surprise when our guests see it! 
 I love sentimental art and decor, and I really love this centerpiece!  The photo below is one of my favorites, it's of Alex and our nephew Henri- he is wearing a shirt that says 'My Uncle Got Me This Shirt Because He Loves Me', hehe!
 Here is our Sideboard Decor. I added some dried corn, wheat, a dried wreath and tied artificial leaves to the candles with some twine. The coolest part?  That little chalkboard to the left, yep that was a DIY item! I love my DIY antique chalkboard. I just had to make another, a little one this time!

 I got this piece of wood with rounded edges from Michaels for $5
 Got my trusty chalkboard spray paint for $3 and then sprayed away!
 Here is the little chalkboard after drying and adding a cute Thanksgiving message. Sigh, I just love it! 
Oh Boy!  There is still more Thanksgiving fun to come!