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My First Design Assigment! Putting Some POP Into Our Nephew's Room!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
I'm so excited to have my very first design assignment outside of our house!  My lovely sister in law Amber is a follower of our blog and has loved seeing the stories of our home redo unfold.  She asked for my help decorating their son (also our cute little nephew) Henri's bedroom. I'm really excited to get the opportunity to create a fun, imaginative, dreamy space for Henri to learn and grow in through his toddler and some of his school age years!

Here is a picture of my sister in law Amber, her husband Ryan and their cute little man Henri.  They make such a beautiful family!  Ryan and Amber are amazing parents and a very fun couple to get to know (I'm lucky they are my family now)! 
Before I show the room, I have to mention that Amber and Ryan also live in a historic (bungalow style) home.  Actually, they sort of inspired us to pick a historic home with character and charm, everytime I would visit them I couldn't stop staring at the details of their house and wondering what history it had.  So I give them some credit for Alex and I being on this Hammers and High Heels journey.

Here's the catch though, the big challenge to this design assignment, they live in Michigan and we live in Minnesota (and sadly, I don't have time to make a trip these days).  So this isn't going to happen in 2 days, or 2 weeks, this will likely take a month to get done.  Here is our plan... 

1. Budget for Henri's room redo $200
2. Research design ideas for Henri's bombtastic new room (and blog about it)
3. I will shop for the design elements this week and next
  3. Thanksgiving Holiday: Amber, Ryan and Henri are making a trip here to celebrate turkey day with us (which I am super excited about, Alex and I will be making Thanksgiving dinner for the 2nd time, love it!).  This is when I will review my plan and pass them the decor goodies. 
4. From there, Amber and Ryan will take all the decor and follow the plan and turn Henri's room from calm and mellow to EXCITING and IMAGINATIVE!!!

So let's get to it, here is the room, I tried my best to give details of the layout.  It is sort of a backwards L Shape and has slanted ceiling since it is a cute old one and a half story bungalow home.
The original trim, doors, and windows add a unique touch to the room already!  I'm excited and nervous about decorating a child's room for the first time.  I'll get started researching ideas and inspiration for the room and get that posted soon!