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Bathroom Redo: Sanding and Painting the Bathroom Door

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Wa, wa, waaaa... we had everything all set to go from our bathroom redo, then we remembered... we need to sand and repaint the bathroom door.  That's when we heard the 'wa, wa, waaaaa'.  Our bathroom door is the original door (from 1924) so it had been repainted who knows how many times, and also weighs about 80 lbs!!!  Sadly, over time it began to chip at the edges when we would shut it.  It was clear to us that we would need to sand this puppy down and slap on a few fresh layers of paint.  So Alex brought the door outside for some severe sanding. 
It was NOT easy, paint had been caked on so many times that the layers were hard to sand away. 
We decided it was best to sand away only the outer edge where it had been chipping and leave the inner frame as is.  The inner frame had no chips, so naturally we were nervous to sand it down; If we messed up we could ruin the original look of the 1924 door.  So here is a closer look at the outer frame of the door before I was ready to paint a fresh (not to mention thinner) coat.  For some reason, I found it very interesting and special to see a bare stripped piece of wood from 1924, like it was special and preserved, is that weird?
Aww yea, getting that first coat on!
Here is the door after one coat.  I have at least one more to put on, then the door goes back up on the hinges.  After that, it is safe to call the 'redo of our bathroom redo' complete!  Ahhh, I can't wait!