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Swim-Bike-Run "Brah"- Post Updated!

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Today is a big day for Alex! He has spent the last few months training for his first triathlon and its finally here! I snapped a photo of him before the race and as he headed out for the first part of the race which is a swim in the lake (and boy is it cold!).

So I'll be spending today cheering him on in good ol' Buffalo, Minnesota. He just headed out for the bike portion of the race then he'll be running through the finish line. Hoping Alex and all the other triathletes have fun and stay safe today!

Any other local folks at the same race or at another race today?

***** UPDATE*****

Alex finished the race and beat his overall goal time!  I had a lot of fun chasing him around to get pictures between each transition. 
I give him and all the other racers a lot of credit for taking on this kind of race, it's pretty hardcore!  I don't think I'd ever be up for the challenge- that's for sure! 

Speaking of other racers, I took a group photo of Alex with his buddies or rather "brahs" is the term they use- it's like "Bros" but with an annoying emphasis on the "ahh" part of the word, so "Hey BRAAAAH" is what I hear A LOTUgh...  Anyway I also got one with my happy hubby after he finishes the race but the one on the right is Alex with "brahs" Mike and Brendan.

 I hope they think it's brah-riffic!  Ha!

Next race is at the end of the month so Alex will be keeping up on his training.  Hopefully we'll still fit in a couple smaller projects this summer, but it sure is whizzing by fast!  Anyone else feel that way too?