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Do I look older to you?  Just asking because I am!

Today marks another birthday for me, thankfully an easier one than last year, LOL!  I decided to make another list on this birthday like I did on the last.  Again, not focused on to-do's, goals, or things that I want, this is a positive list!  Everyday in this life isn't perfect and I know I don't have everything figured out... but this is a list of the 28 things I am happy about and thankful for in my life as it is right now- on this birthday.

At Twenty-Eight Years Old...

1.  I know 28 isn't as scary as 27 was :) which made today easier.

2.  I joined a new team at work and the experience has been wonderful. I love all the new challenges and learning new things each day is very rewarding.

3.  Aside from being super handy, my hubby is also a model... no really!  Alex makes his modeling debut this summer in Civia's 2012 catalog.  He makes me want a new bike, LOL!

3.  Rocco and Sadie NO longer sleep in our bed!!!  That was a hard habit to break our pups of but so worth it!  Alex and I are sleeping much better and I don't have to worry about dog hair on our bed linens!

4. I no longer rely on Alex to hang a picture frame.  I do it on my own and I do it RIGHT with a tape measure and level instead of making lots of little holes in our walls... and crooked pictures.

5.  I am taking better care of my skin.  It's a bummer it took me so long to start but regardless I'm doing it!!!  Slather me with SPF and bring on the faux glow :)

6. I've seen the Taj Mahal, Effiel Tower, and Big Ben all in the past year.  Makes up for hardly travelling during the 27 other years of my life.

7.  For the first time since 3rd grade I have bangs.  I'm happy I tried something new and fun, but I'm pretty certain the no-bang look is better on me :)

8.  I am now a skilled Shih Tzu groomer!  After spending way too much money on Rocco's haircuts I decided to try it myself.  Sure, Rocco endured a lot of bad choppy haircuts while I was training but I've got the skills down now!  This is a DIY skill that is really paying off!

9.  A friend that I've spent dinners, birthdays, good days, and bad days with all came from carpooling :) oh and I can't forget dancing to 'Ray of Light' at Ikea, that was a highlight!

10.  My sister became a mom this year.  My little niece Brynnan reminds me that prayers are always answered, and miracles do happen.

11.  Related to #10, after almost two weeks at the hospital Brynnan can go home for the first time today!

12.  I am getting better at not being so hard on myself all the time.  I realize I am my worst critic after all.

13.  I have many inspiring and creative women in my life.

14.  My last birthday was the first of the five I've spent in Minnesota surrounded by friends I've made here.  I'll never forget how special that felt and I didn't miss home that day.

15.  I have kept a plant alive at our house for more than a year now.  This is amazing considering I usually kill everything.  Perhaps I can start a garden next spring?!?

16.  I sang bad American karaoke at a bar in Shanghai (yes this counts as an experience I am kind of proud of).

17.  A month from now I will be sitting on my favorite sandy beach along Lake Michigan.

18.  Even though I am not great at this, I am becoming a better listener.

19.  Just last week my nephew asked his mom for the first time, "Where's Auntie Carla?"  This confirms Henri thinks I am cool.  Getting him that ninja robe from Hong Kong might have helped :)

20.  I'm taking the time to tailor my clothes.  It's crazy, a good fit can make you like something even more than when you bought it!

21.  It's July and I have my Christmas decor scheme all planned out, ho, ho, ho!!!!

22. We have fantastic and fun neighbors!  I feel so thankful that there are great people right outside my door.  There are yearly parties we get to look forward to and who else can say they have neighbors that are generous (and nice) enough to share tickets to exciting events?!?
Alex and I got to attend the Brothers of the Sun concert (the first ever at Target Field) thanks to our neighbors.  It was so much fun!!!

23.  Our family member are in good health, which means I don't think about it a lot but I should be more thankful and never take it for granted.

24.  I got to catch up with an old childhood pal and meet her daughter during my last Michigan visit.  It was planned last minute and ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip.

25. Although my husband turned one of our vehicles into something a superhero would drive, I've found it is quite amusing to drive it.  Halloween should be a hoot!

26. I got to go inside the mysterious house I have wanted to see ever since we moved into the neighborhood. And for those of you wondering about that story, fingers crossed there's much more to come than I had hoped for!

27. My husband supports every dream I have... no matter how crazy.  Alex has never told me "never".

28.  The possibilities for my future are endless.  Tomorrow, next month, next year, and the ten years after are whatever I dream them up to be.


Here's to starting 28 from where I am right now!