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One Year of Hammers and High Heels! Plus A Preview of the Next Room Redo!

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Today is our ‘Blog-a-versary’!   It has been officially 1 year since Hammers and High Heels was born. We're celebrating with a room redo preview!  Hammers and High Fives ya'll!!!

Truthfully, I had no idea what this blog would be, where it would go, who would read it (other than my sister), what I would write about, if I could keep up with it, or if I would even like doing it.   
Phew, that was a lot of worries!
Thankfully today, with 182 posts written, 246 followers, and 732 comments later, I feel that my blog journey has totally been worth all the work (and worries)! I know those numbers aren’t anything super spectacular, but to me those numbers mean someone is out there listening (reading) and cares about all the goofy ideas and adventures I share through this blog. It means the world to me, I truly love writing and blogging!
Sadie loves to join me when I blog too!
Last May we had already been in the house just over a year.  We had redone the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and part of the Bathroom.  With the encouragement of a few coworkers I decided to start a blog to capture all the home renovation adventures.  I summed up those room redo's in 1 or 2 part short posts- nothing like the way we document things now.  I went back to read through those first few blog posts and had to cringe a little bit- they are pretty bad!  But I like that it sort of tracks they way H&HH has evolved to what it is today. 

Since then, we have brought you along on our adventure redoing our Backyard, Mini Bathroom, Bigger Bathroom, Dressing Room, Sunroom,  and the Guest Room (which included an awesome adventure with Layla and Kevin from the Lettered Cottage)!  We've even shared one of our favorite memories in our house (Our Home Alone staircase sledding adventure)!  Along the way I have also done 28 DIY Home Decor projects and 14 Home Holiday Decor projects- something I am really proud of considering I never did much of that until I started blogging. I also think this blog has helped to expand my creativity, I love the challenge that comes with the 'DIY spirit'.

Looking forward, we still have a lot to do on our house (wa-wa).  But that does mean we will have many adventures ahead to blog about!  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a present to you today for celebrating with us, we are giving you an early preview of our next room up to bat for a BIG redo.... Our Master Bedroom!!!!
Here is your first official 'Before' photo:
Yep, it is a big, boring, echo-y,empty, space that lacks any sort of style... I'm sort of embarrassed to show you where Alex and I have been sleeping for more than 2 years.  Essentially we focused on more of the common areas of our house so we wouldn't be embarrassed when company would come over.  Our room just took a backseat for a long time.  But finally, we have had enough of this STALE room!  There will be many more posts to come about this room, get excited!

In closing for year 2 of blogging, I look forward to every post I get to write, every renovation adventure ahead, every DIY project that comes together, every comment that comes our way, and every follower that decides to join our adventure. I truly love what this little blog has turned into, it has brought a lot of fun and happiness into my life.  Thank you for sticking with us on this blog journey :)

Happy 1st Blog-a-versary Hammers and High Heels!