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Head Over Heels: Trolley Car Substation Turned Home In Stillwater, MN

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Last week on Hooked on Houses, Julia featured an old Post Office in Kentucky that had been renovated into a single family home (click the link to check out her post, it's AMAZING!). I thought about this post all week! Historic or industrial spaces turned into homes are without a doubt amazing! They are filled with unique architectural details that tell a story about it's past. I know it is common to see old warehouses or factory spaces turned into condos, but a smaller single family home created from an industrial space is truly one of a kind!

Turns out, there is a house similar to that Post Office Julia featured right here in Minnesota...and I am totally Head Over Heels in love with it!  HOH shout out (again, hehe) to Amber for knowing about this little gem! 

In Stillwater, MN sits this former Trolley Car Substation built in 1899. It was renovated and turned into a single family home. 
How cute is this house?  I just love the double front doors, right from the first glance this house tells the story of it's former purpose as a trolley station.
Wood floors, exposed brick, tall arched windows, high ceiling... what's not to love?!?
Do you notice there is also a nice view right across the street?  A little shop with a cute vintage awning.
Here's a peek in the dining room.  Not too sure about that green wall, but I dig those beams on the ceiling and the woodwork around the door.
Here's a look at the stairwell, I wish I could see how the floorplan is set up, but again I love those beams on the ceiling.
The master bedroom is beautiful! I love all the bricks walls and those double doors to the back yard must be lovely every morning.
Now let's go around back outside to see the backyard.  Ohhh that ivy is just gorgeous!
Here's a look at part of the yard and the back of the house.  That screened in porch is so beautiful!
This house even has a huge barn and firepit in the backyard!  How awesome for entertaining!
Oh, and it is on a lake as well... can't get much better than that!  So jealous!
I just love this house!  Someday, maybe someday I will find a place just like it!
Character and style aside, an old useless building that would have fell into disrepair has been reborn, repurposed, and refinished.  I hate going through cities where you see old buildings and homes just rotting away, especially when they are filled with beautiful details like brick walls, tin ceilings, antique light fixtures, pillars, etc.  (PS- have you ever looked at 100 Abandon Houses? Breaks my heart!). 
This former trolley station is a fantasticly unique home and I'm glad to see this historic building still standing.

***I think I have a new dream for our next house.... look out Alex!***

  I'd love to take an old industrial/ historic place in need of some TLC and turn it into our next home.  Guess we'll have to wait and see once we're done with our little Dutch Colonial!
I hope you enjoyed a peek at this Trolley Substation turned home.  Were you Head Over Heels for it too?

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be off to NYC for a few days, so I should have some fun posts coming up soon!