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I really want...

Kayd RoyComment
So I have caught Father of the Bride on TV a couple times now, and each time I am just dying to get a glass window at the top of our stairs similar to the one in the movie...

How cute is that window? So that is on my wish list.
While I am at it... how perfect is the Bank's house from the movie? Hooked on Houses featured the Bank's house, I loved looking through all the photos (also where the photos below came from, awesome blog!).  I remember watching when I was little and thinking that was the perfect house for a family, hoping I would get one like it someday. When Alex and I looked at houses I wanted the colonial style with the staircase front and center when you walk in, wonder if I was picturing this house in my mind a little?
And I still love the kitchen, for this movie being made in 1991, the style of the house still looks nice, not dated, I think the traditional style always looks classic! I love the wood countertops and white cabinets, I am hoping to get our wood countertops soon.
And of course when I looked up a picture of the backyard I just had to laugh, how gorgeous is it? We have been working our booties off on our yard and it would never look this lovely. But hey, maybe someday! I love the vines grown up on the pergola, I hope our vines start to take off soon!
That's all for now on dreamy movie houses :)