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Fall Fever

Kayd RoyComment
I did some sofa shopping earlier this week and unfortunately we haven't found the sofa of our dreams just yet but what I did find was lots of lovely new fall themed decor! Since then, I've kind of had fall decor fever I guess?  Has it hit anyone else too?  I hit West Elm, CB2, and Target, here's a look at a few of the fun things I spotted while I was out and about!

CB2 and West Elm even got me noodling on Thanksgiving decor already!  I mean who doesn't need a poultry shaped tealight holder at their table?!  I also loved their table by number place card holders.

My favorite though was their Chuck Wood Storage.  I wondered if Alex could DIY something similar for us though, hmmm....

Over at West Elm there were more traditional, yet still fresh and modern Thanksgiving decor ideas.  I loved the Wheat Bunches and the Painted Metallic Table Runner.  Hmmm, another DIY idea maybe?

They also had a really fresh sophisticated take on Halloween decor.  I loved their decorative Apple Box, Snake shaped candle holders, and those studded-pyramid shaped candles.

One thing I can say I did NOT like was the X-ray plate set...

I think these would ruin my appetite?  That snake head one especially seems kind of icky!  Would you be able to eat off of them???

I also found a few cozy Threshold things at Target...

All of it got me noodling on what to buy or DIY to bring some fall decor into our home!
I didn't purchase anything just yet but I know I need to change couple things up to get that fall kind of feel- and I have to do something to get rid of my fall fever!

I guess you could even say...
I've got a (fall) fever and the only prescription for that fever is more cowbell new fall decor!

Sorry, it was too hard to resist!  (If you aren't familiar click this link, you'll be glad you did)

What are you fall decor favorites this year?
What decorations are you using for Halloween or Thanksgiving?
Would you eat off of those X-ray snake plates?!?