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How the Sunroom Ended Up

Kayd RoyComment
Now, where was I again with my house projects, hmmm.... Oh yea, the Sunroom!  Seems like forever long ago when I began changing up the look of our sunroom but I finally got around to adding in a few finishing touches and I'm calling it complete... for now at least :)
The images shown on the left above are various "before" photos of our sunroom- 2009 when we moved into our home, 2010 after we painted the room and refinished the wood floors, and 2011 after Alex built the radiator cover/bench.

This sort of spontaneous room update started with changing the paint color to the darker black/blue paint (same color that we used in the kitchen, Martha Stewart Francesca from Home Depot).
The next change I tackled for the room was redo #2  on the set of chairs I picked up at a yard sale last summer.  Yep, making the chairs blue with a maroon seat cushion was a really poor choice but I did learn how to tuft a seat cushion at least!  Not a total waste I guess?
I admitted my DIY mistake and made my wronged chairs look right with a new coat of paint on the wood, faux leather upholstery, and silver nailhead trim.
Click here to see the second chair redo (updated to black & added nailhead trim)

After painting the room and fixing the chairs, the sunroom project took a pause... a VERY long pause.  
[Insert NYC, my 30th birthday, Hong Kong, China, Toledo, filming a tiling project, Alex in Europe, big business partner meeting at work, and last but not least my unlucky ER visit to get 16 stitches on my shin]
- PLAY - 

With all that craziness behind me, I had time to tinker and finish things up in the sunroom again!  The finishing touches included new wall decor, window treatments, light fixture, and repurposing/redecorating our DIY radiator cover/bench.
On a random Ikea trip I picked up the Marmorblad pair of curtains for $17.99 (not sure why I can't find them on Ikea's website, they are shown on page 264 if you have their 2014 catalog).  I thought the look fit nicely with the color and mood of the room and I liked the simple modern windowpane pattern.  
The light fixture was kind of a random experiment.  While at Ikea I found the $5 Hemma Cord Set and thought why not?  I was looking for something different than a floor lamp or table lamp when it came to lighting and so far I'm liking the change.  I might get a different shade for it, we'll see!

For the wall art I just shifted around some frames and mirrors I had in other places.  I used a mix of family photos and a few travel photos of Alex and I. 
Over on our DIY radiator cover/bench (click here for the DIY tutorial if you are interested) I made the decision that it didn't make sense to have pillows on it because we never actually used it as a bench or sat on it really.  Instead, we mainly used it for storage and I kept my indoor plants there because the windows are south facing.  
I also started keeping a basket of all the typical items I would bring outside at the end of the bench right by the door.  It came in handy a lot this summer, whether it was just me and the dogs sitting outside on the deck or if we had company over too.

That's the whole update in a nutshell!  I'd love to know what you think of the new look!

Do you like the updated look?

What are you favorite changes?

What else would you add or change in the Sunroom?