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A Quirky Wall Art Find from Hong Kong

Kayd Roy1 Comment
I know I've mentioned a time or two before that I LOVE to find unique decor pieces when I am traveling so naturally, I had to bring something home from my recent trip to Hong Kong.  I suppose what I'm about to show you isn't something you'd expect to come from Hong Kong specifically but nonetheless, this find was amazing and I knew I had to bring it home!

I found the piece during our day shopping in the Ladies Market and the Jade Market.
I wasn't having any luck at all going through booth after booth at the Ladies Market until I found one filled with painted canvas artwork.  I began sifting through a stacked up pile of paintings and stumbled upon this....
I was smitten!  It is so odd, quirky, AND it reminded me of Rocco!  LOL!  Sure, it looks like a female and Rocco isn't, but it was the look on the dog's face in the painting that seemed EXACTLY like Rocco's grumpy face!

For comparison I give you exhibit A- Rocco's smug grumpy face, not often captured on camera because dude knows how to ham it up but it's true, he's got a grumpy side...
It could be that the whole attitude of the dog in the painting that reminded me of Rocco?  He's cute but he is kind of an a**hole most of the time, I love him but boy oh boy he is hard to please.  I've heard it's a Shih Tzu thing?

Anyway, I got the 18" x 26" canvas paint for just $5 USD!  I did some major bargaining, love bargaining in foreign countries, I just repeat the number/price over and over as though I don't know how to say anything else.  I swear it's a fantastic strategy :)

Once I got it home, I decided that it'd probably be best to just frame it with a white matte around it and settled on the simple Ribba frame from Ikea for $19.99.  Before I could frame it though, I had to fix the unpainted corners on the canvas fabric.  Thankfully I was able to mix some paint and achieved the right color to match the ground of the painting.

After the corners dried I was able to place the painting in the frame and mounted it on one of our living room walls.
Who knows if that's where it will stay but for now I think it's a perfect home for this odd little pup!  I also should say that I didn't intend to be on a dog themed kick this week, just happened to end up that way?!  Be sure to check out the LONG doggie care list that Alex put together for our dogs if you haven't already- it is almost 3 pages long and pretty humorous! 

What do you think?  Would you have bought it too?
What do you think of the frame and mat I paired with the painting?
What would you have looked for in Hong Kong?

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