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Time to Right a DIY Done Wrong

Kayd Roy4 Comments
I'm still making decisions when it comes to my sunroom project but one thing I do know for sure is that the DIY redo I put these chairs through was a REAL bad idea because there's no way I can use them in the room as is...

Yep I admit it, I made these poor chairs look pretty fugly with that purple fabric and I should have just left the wood as is.  So stupid, ugh! 

I guess I can't say it was a total mistake though- The one good thing that came out of it was that I learned how to tuft a seat cushion, something I've never done before!  So it's kind of a bummer that I have to tear it all apart but in the end this look just ain't gonna fly anywhere in this house! Time to get to work! 

****   How would YOU redo these chairs DIY style?   ****

What color or wood stain for the chair frame? 
What type of fabric & color for the seat cushion?

More to come on these AND 
the sunroom soon!  See you then!