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A Darker Side of the Sunroom?!

Kayd RoyComment
Time for the last (current) project on my to-do list, the sunroom!  This was one of the three projects I mentioned taking on all at the same time a couple weeks ago.  Now that we have the tree taken care of and the patio set finished, I can focus on wrapping up a new look for our sunroom!

We've changed up the look of this room a couple times already, but I felt like it needed a BIGGER change overall- that change being the paint color.
I started growing really tired of that dusty muted gray/blue color.  I know we loved it when we picked it out about five years ago, but I just felt like I couldn't change much of the decor in that room because of that color.... or maybe I just couldn't decorate with it because I didn't want to?!

Whatever the case, I was ready for something new.... now.  Like, right now.  So, I made the spontaneous decision while Alex was traveling for work to JUST DO IT and used the gallon of leftover navy paint in our basement (same color we used for our kitchen update).  You can really tell it was super spontaneous because of my lack of paint prep :)
Ummmm, yeah.  Never paint a room with your window treatments, rugs, and other random textiles in the room... I consider myself a pro when it comes to painting though so our home goods survived my lack of paint prep at least and I did remove everything for the second coat which I don't have picks of yet :(

I know you might be thinking I'm going too crazy with the whole black/white combo, but I really love the simple, clean, neutral look.  Our sunroom also doesn't really have a lot of wall space, so the use of the dark color is pretty minimal in the end.  I still hope it doesn't end up looking too dark, but here's some of the inspiration I gathered up before whipping out my paint brush...

I'm thinking I need to change up some of the window treatments and get a new rug in there too, but it's a really tricky space when it comes to decorating since there are hallway arches/entryways on two of the walls, large windows and a radiator cover on the third wall, and then the big glass sliding doors covering most of the fourth wall.  Really doesn't leave much space for furniture and it's pretty limiting for wall decor too in those thin spaces.  All that leads me to YOU for some suggestions!

What types of window treatments would you use for the windows and glass doors?

What pieces of accent furniture would you use in those small corners?

Most of all- What would you put on the radiator cover? A way to give it purpose?!

That last one has always been tricky for me but if you have any ideas or suggestions I'd love to know!