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Five Year Refresh Week!

Kayd RoyComment
I am back and feeling refreshed from my Michigan style Spring Break!  During my break, I thought of something fun I wanted to share on the blog this week, sort of to honor of our five year house anniversary.  Here's the deal...

You know we've done some BIG room redo's over the past five years but I realized that quite often I change up the decor a lot and don't always share those room changes in a blog post.  So in honor of our five years, I thought I'd share a few rooms and show how we've refreshed the look since they last time you might have seen them on the blog.  Sound fun?  I hope so!
A little blurred-out preview of each room! Can't give it all away :)
I'll be sharing a room each day for the rest of the week and we'll kick things off tomorrow with a fresh look at our Living Room!  Hope you'll be back to check out all the Five Year Refresh Week rooms!

It'll be a fun change of pace around here, I'm excited so I hope you are too!!!

Which rooms are you hoping to see?
Do you frequently change up the look of your rooms too?