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Five Year Refresh Week #1: The Living Room

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Time to kick off our Five Year Refresh Week with room #1- The Living Room!
The last time you saw it was probably when we had it decorated for Christmas, but before that he last time we shared it was in 2012 when I had updated the look with some blue pillows for spring.
As you can see, things changed quite a bit in this room!  I was trying to bring in some more color and personality, sort of similar to the goal we had in the kitchen I guess?

Overall, I just wanted it to feel more like us and be filled with more of the things we love instead of feeling like a showroom or something.  I guess it's a bit funkier/weirder, but that is us really I suppose :) Here's a look at some of details...
In a nutshell, the main changes are the coral rug, black and white striped dec pillows (Ikea Vargyllen covers $4 each and Lappljung covers $10 each), new wall art/photos, and in preparation for spring/summer we stored our firewood inside the hearth of our fire place- I had seen that look a lot on Pinterest and loved the idea.  Stylish and functional storage, who wouldn't love that?!

For the wall art and photo ledge, we printed and framed photos we had taken during our last trip to Europe and my India/China work trip.  I also added in a hand drawn Tree of Life that I picked up at the Delhi Haat market in India, up close it is sooooo incredibly detailed and gorgeous!
The framed print on the wall (right image above) is the one we found at an antique bookstore in Prague.  Glad we finally got it framed and found the perfect spot in our living room for it!

Last to highlight is this old rattan Ikea chair!  I don't believe they even sell this anymore, we had it in our basement and I decided to resurrect it and paint the legs black (were silver/steel originally).  The black legs made it look a touch more modern I think?  Then, once I layered on the faux sheepskin and black+white dec pillow I was in love :)
I can't lie, I'm pretty smitten with that corner of the living room now! 

That's it for our living room refresh, now I'd love to know what you think, don't be shy!
What do you think of the Living Room's refreshed look?
Do you like the warmth of color we added in the room?
What about the fireplace hearth or photo ledge?  Good changes?

I'll have our Five Year Refresh Week room #2 to share tomorrow!  Hope you'll swing by!