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The Kitchen Colors Come Together

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Things are coming along in our kitchen re-paint project!  It's not a finished look quite yet (we still have to paint that little back kitchen nook), but I was excited to show you where we landed with the whole kitchen color-combo decision!

Since we lived in that dark red/maroon color for 5 years, we found that there just wasn't a color we could agree to live in for however many more (no yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, red, etc. color families).  We also didn't want the whole space to be the white/not white Wheat Bread color for fear that it would look super washed out & bland dining room to kitchen.  So, we ended up going with an almost black paint color to contrast with the lighter tones - Martha Stewart's Francesca to be exact!
It's a blue based dark gray/black saturated color, perfect for creating a clean contrast with our white cabinets & subway tile.  Makes you think of black in a whole new light, right?!

If you're familiar with some of the previous posts from this project, you can see we pretty much stuck with black+white / dark+light type of look from the idea board from a couple weeks ago....
I'm hoping ours ends up with the same simple, clean, slightly modern type of look!  Regardless of that though, it's feeling a lot fresher without that dark red/maroon color for sure!  Painting (mainly the prepping/taping part) sure isn't fun or fast, but I love the new energy it brings to a space- especially one that we spend a lot of time in!  

Finishing up the kitchen nook paint is next then it's time for the more fun parts of the project, like updating the decor to complete the after look!  We're planning on painting the nook the Wheat Bread (white-ish color) since it is a small space, so now I have to ask you...

- For the kitchen nook, would you paint it the lighter Wheat Bread color or do something different?  
- If I do paint the nook Wheat Bread, should I paint the bottom half of the hutch Francesca to bring in some of the darker color?  How would you bring the darker color into the nook?

It's going to be a busy weekend for us but I'm excited to wrap this baby up!  Have a nice weekend everybody and get to bed early tomorrow, I know I hate losing that extra hour when we spring forward :)