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My Stylish Kitchen Rug Scores!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Since completing the new paint job in our kitchen, I've been DYING to take our new clean, simple, black+white look from stark to stylish with the right touches of decor.  First up on my shopping list was a new accent rug or two and after a couple evenings of online shopping I happily stumbled upon perfect options for our space!  I was so geeked that I kept squealing "eek!" throughout the duration of placing my order!   

Here are the two I pulled the 'submit order' trigger on-  both hand-knotted, all natural vegetable dyed, one-of-a-kind original Kazak designed rugs!

Why are they so perfect and why am I being a squealing nerd about them?
Simply put, they totally fit the antique Kilim style rugs from my inspiration board, but the prices did NOT!   SUPER SCORE!
When I began my search, I quickly felt very discouraged after finding so many beautiful "found" rugs that fit the look I wanted but they were all $250.00 or more even small accent rugs, many were in the $1,000+ range.  Don't get me wrong, I know they may fit that price tag due to the base materials or because they are vintage, but heck it's a gorgeous look that should be accessible in some way for everyone and I think I found a well-fitting authentic alternative!

Thankfully, it was the right keyword search that brought me to the rugs of my kitchen decor dreams!  Instead of searching kilim, over dyed, diamond woven, global, etc., I typed in "tribal rug" and boom!  Beautiful budget friendly options in the look I was looking for!
I know $99 & $72 it is still higher than the typical Ikea rug price I'm used to but after buying so many of those rugs that are now in our basement, I wanted to spend the money on something that I will likely want to display in our home for many years. And hey, if for some reason one or both don't work, I'm always able to return for a refund (hoping they are both worth keeping though!).

Ohhhh, I just can't wait to spice up this blank canvas of a kitchen!  Despite my victory the estimated delivery date is March 26th, boo!!!  That is the bad part of online shopping right?  I want it now!!!!
If only Veruca Salt knew the horrors of Standard Delivery service (shutter).   Who doesn't hate that part?  In the meantime, please help entertain me!  I'd love to hear what you think!

- Are you liking one of both of the Kazak rugs I found?
- What other decor would you add to make our new kitchen look stylish and complete?

Note: In case anyone wondered, I was not contacted or offered any discount from for writing this post.  Had that been the case, I may have ordered a larger rug, LOL!  Veruca on the other hand did and invited me to a party with roomfuls of laughter and ten thousand tons of ice cream :)