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My Miserable Morning Errand Run

Kayd Roy5 Comments
There are certain things you know you just shouldn't do during the weekend in the Twin Cities-   Example: visiting the Mall of America and/or Ikea.  You know it's going to be mobbed with misguided out-of-towners, Sponge Bob or some American Idol person clogging up traffic in the Rotunda, there won't be a place to park within a half mile, and the lines, ugh!!!!   Without a doubt, it will be misery. Pure. Sick. Misery.

So why I am telling you this?  Well, when I got up this morning I knew I had to head to get another gallon of paint for our kitchen project and thought, "hmmm, I should go to the Home Depot by Ikea so I can stop to get those new kitchen rugs and while I'm there I can run into the MOA to get couple returns done that have been sitting in my closet for a while."  

Yep I did it, I knew better but I did it and regretted it immediately upon seeing the line of traffic on the highway exit ramp.  Silly me for thinking that the -10 degree weather would scare off the crowds/out-of-towners but no, I was wrong, so very wrong.  By the time I got here it was too late to turn back.  I had come this far and I was determined to get my errand to-do list done.
I was prepared for awful parking but with the on-going construction situation between Ikea and the MOA, the options were even more limited.  I ended up finding a spot somewhere in Richfield (city north of Bloomington) I think?  With the subzero temps and MOA in the distance it was time for some cardio.  Tip for anyone planning a visit-  wear your heavy duty winter gear so you can make it from your car to the inside without risk of frostbite or a broken leg from running over sheets of ice :)
With my game face on I was ready to dodge the crowds... and by game face I mean my no make-up face (fun fact: I refer to that hat as my "no make-up disguise") LOL!  Not my best photo but I think it captures how cold I felt while going to & from the car.

Thankfully I lived to tell the tale after the whole ordeal and crossed off all those to-do's from my list including picking up extra paint for our kitchen repaint project!
We got a big chunk done but had to call it quits so we can catch some of the Oscars.  You might recall I dig some of that red carpet action :)

Any other local folks feel my pain when it comes to a MOA or Ikea visit?  
Will you be watching the red carpet & Oscar show?  Who are you rooting for?

We're going to have our own mini Oscar party now, maybe I'll share some pics and fashion thoughts in a bit?  I can't help myself :)