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What We Disagree On Most When It Comes to Home Projects

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Alex and I were asked recently what the biggest disagreement or argument was when it came to our past home projects and we both kind of looked at each other and blurted out our own versions of "choosing/picking a paint color".   It was kind of like one of those Newlywed Game moments where you're happy (or pleasantly surprised) that you said the same thing, but then I kept thinking "that seems silly, why is choosing paint the thing we fight about the most out of all the stuff we've done in the house?" 

Picking a paint color should be easy right?  All there is to it should be looking for ideas, narrowing down to a color group, then grabbing your top color swatches or actual paint samples to slap on the wall for a final decision, and BAM!  You land on the perfect color for a room.  Or heck, it's supposed to be even easier than that if you've seen Home Depot commercials....
I'm surprised they don't have any of those where the someone ends of crying in front of the paint color swatches smack dab in the aisle at Home Depot?  I imagine it's happened there before?  Anyway, with Alex and I the paint discussions and decision making process usually unfolds like this....


After some research, loads of Pinning/image collecting, and creating Photoshop visuals, I then happily share 2 or 3 favorite ideas.  Alex's expression shifts from engaged+interested over to confused+upset and he rejects my idea.  
[ Ridiculous arguing ensues and repeats 2-3 times ]  

I make Alex think my rejected idea is his own original brilliant idea. This begins with bringing up the paint topic at random moments over one or two weeks but only doing so when I know Alex is really focused on something else (but still listening) and when I know we aren't able to have a long continued discussion.  Examples:  Alex is scrolling through email on his phone, Alex is tinkering with his bike or motorcycle, Alex is searching and watching silly You Tube videos his friends have told him about. 

In the right moment, I bring up the paint topic even mentioning my original idea to which Alex responds with "well that is what I said" or "no that was my idea" or something like that.  I appear confused but happy and say "well whatever, okay, so we agree now though right?" and we happily head to the store for paint and supplies.


That process might not work for everyone and I know it sounds super creepy/evil on my part, but that's how we've worked out a decision every time.  The good news I can share today is that we finally made it to that End scene for our kitchen paint project!  YES- The shelves are down, the painter's tape is up, my ugly sweat pants are on, and we're gettin' our paint groove on!!!
At least now you know why it took so dang long too :)  I just keep wondering if other couples have the same difficult conversations when it comes to paint color selection or is that just our hot button house project thing?  If there are some of you out there I have to ask....

Is selecting a paint color painful for you and your spouse/significant other too?  
How do you tackle a paint color selection with your successfully?
If paint selection isn't a big thing, then what is the biggest house project thing you've argued over?

Stayed tuned for more on the kitchen paint project, I'm so pumped that it's finally in the works!