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Kitchen Paint Project: Planning & Color Ideas

Kayd Roy12 Comments
With our kitchen color update next up on our project list, I started pulling together images of my favorite color choices.  I've also learned that it helps to have a visual in order to explain my idea/plan to Alex :) and you can let me know what you think too!

As you can see, I'm leaning toward the black and white type of look for the most part otherwise keeping lighter brighter and still neutral similar to the look of our dining room....

I guess I just worry if it's all light, bright, and neutral (same paint color from dining room into the kitchen), it might just look too boring or washed out or like we're in an apartment that we can't add color to?  What do you think?

If we got the black and white route, I think our black would be more of a very dark gray and we'd keep our kitchen cabinets white- I shared those darker cabinet pics and said "Oooo want to repaint our cabinets a darker color like this???" and Alex replied with a polite "Hell no."  Maybe I'll save that idea for our next house?!

Anyway, I guess that is where I'm leaning toward right now.  The tricky part is that we probably have to continue the same color along the wall leading from the dining room into the kitchen- Right?  It'd be weird to have a blunt taped off color transition?
I think that is an interior design rule, and I haven't found any photo evidence of this being done in a tasteful way but I could be wrong.   Please help me figure that one out if you can!

If that wall in the kitchen remains the same as the dining room I'd love to do a darker color on the wall it meets with...  Or the kitchen could just be that color throughout and we could do a darker color in the kitchen nook and in the alcove where the oven sits perhaps????  What do you think?

My brain has been bouncing between options so I'd love to hear if you have any ideas or suggestions!  Again, also let me know about that taped-off paint line thing- Is that a rule or not a rule?  It just looks funny to me right now since I've been looking at where we stopped from the last paint project but who knows, maybe there is a tasteful way to do that?

Hope everyone has had a nice week so far!  Oh, is it just me or did Valentine's Day sneak up awfully fast?  I better get a card  I'm looking forward to a nice dinner with Alex, anyone else doing something special to celebrate too?