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In Need of a Fun DIY While I'm Stuck Inside

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Anyone else feeling like their January is off to a slow start?  It is BITTERLY cold here in Minnesota- like high of -20 degrees kind of cold, -40 if you factor in the wind chill temps.  Unreal right?!  I am worried if I leave the house my nostrils and eyeballs will freeze!  So what have I been doing while trapped in the house?  Naturally, I've been sitting around in my jammies watching Bravo and pinning things on Pinterest with the dogs piled around me :) Hmmm, does that even count as doing something? Ha!

So, since I'm stuck inside I thought I could tackle one or two of the DIY ideas that I pinned....

I think most of the nation endured snow storms and a killer cold snap this week with sub-zero temperatures on the way starting tomorrow, so I figure I am not alone on this "I'm trapped in the house with nothing to do" kind of feeling.  Come on, help a gal get her buns off the couch :) 

What do you think?  
Which DIY project or two should I tackle?
What projects are you taking on if you are stuck inside this weekend?
Do you have a fun DIY project idea you've recently completed?

Stay warm this weekend!