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Time to Cozy Up for a Look at Our Holiday Mantel

Kayd Roy14 Comments
Our fun little week-long holiday decor extravaganza (if you can call it that?) continues!!!  We've covered the tree, now it's time for a cozy look at our fireplace mantel!
I kept with the same Gold+Green look to match up with our Christmas tree.  BUT- this is the first time I used all fresh greenery for the mantel decor!  It was a bit more challenging, but so fun and rewarding when I got to the final look, I'm feeling so proud of it!

I ended up using long Spruce Pine needles and cut Juniper Berry bundles, then arranged them with ribbon and ornaments to complete the layered look on the fireplace mantel...

Simple and sweet post I guess?!  Love that on a super snowy night here in Minneapolis!

What do you think of the mantel decor?  Or the tree?
Are you getting hit with a crap-ton of snow too?!?! 

Anyone?  Bueller.... Bueller?!?!  Guess I'm feeling like no one is out there anymore :(  Heck, Alex even said that when he gutted the bathroom tub and he isn't even the HBIC- ahem 'Head Blogger In Charge' (blame that acronym on Bravo's Housewives).

I know I haven't been as great at following up with the blog lately, but I hope someone out there is still reading and seeing this stuff?  I still love writing it all, but it's kinda bummy feeling like you are talking to yourself.  Okay, I'm done emoting now, I'd still love to hear from you though :)