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The Re-Release of Our "Home Alone Stair Sledding" Classic: Collector's Edition

Kayd Roy7 Comments
Have you ever wanted to sled down a staircase like Kevin McCallister did in the holiday classic "Home Alone"?  I know, I know, silly question right- OF COURSE you did, so did Alex and I!!!  That is why we actually did it!
Did you know this crazy event took place in our house three years ago? Yes, we packed snow on our staircase landing, hopped on a sled and shot out the front door just like Kevin McCallister

Why I am bringing this up you ask?  Well, I happened to catch "Home Alone" on TV the other day which made me think of our own stair sledding videos.  I hopped on our blog to watch them again and they were just as funny/silly as I remembered, totally loved it :) But it made me wonder how bad was that for our wood flooring if I should share this story again on our blog?   I know three years isn't a huge amount of time and maybe you've already seen it, but for those who missed it back in 2010 I'm hoping that this is a new delightful little winter surprise (heck this video is still new to anyone that saw the original)!

So here's the "official" press announcement from our studio (aka my You Tube channel)...
We are thrilled to give audiences of all ages a new exciting look at our Home Alone Staircase Sledding style adventure!  We've digitally remastered the three films into one (almost minute long) feature length film sure to become an addition to your Holiday film collection!  Enjoy!

Fun foolish moments make for Happy Holiday memories I suppose?  Hope it made you smile or better yet giggle?  Either way- keep the change ya filthy animal and watch out for the Wet Bandits :)