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Green and Gold to Go With the Stars & Snow! It's Our 2013 Christmas Tree!

Kayd Roy1 Comment
I woke up feeling pretty crummy today sadly but after sleeping/resting in bed until 1:30pm followed by a solid seven hour stretch laying on the couch (I'm pretty worried I made a permanent dent in it, ugh!), I'm still keeping my promise to share pics of our decorated tree today!

So, ho-ho-here it is!  Alex and I are happy and excited to share our 2013 Christmas tree with you :)

A little before and after action of course too!

As I mentioned yesterday, I was really digging the green and gold Christmas look so that is what I decided to go with this year.  We've always had red as a prominent color with our Christmas decor in previous years so it feels like a very fresh look this time around!

We also decided to use the larger clear C9 size string lights instead of the clear mini string lights we've used each year before.  Alex thought of this bright idea to add a vintage bulb look on the tree and I just love it!

What do you think of this year's tree? 
Liking it or are you missing the touch of red? 
I'd love to know what your tree looks like this year too!

I know you kind of got a little peek today, but I will be sharing a full look at our holiday mantel tomorrow too!  Hope to see you then!

PS- if you'd like to see our 2012, 2011, or 2010 Christmas trees, or heck even 2007, click the links!