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My Unsolved Holiday Mysteries

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Alright, every holiday season I find myself stumped by the same questions or mysteries you could say I guess?  I've realized it keeps happening because I never figure them out, then once Christmas is over it doesn't matter anymore... until next year.  Then 11 months go by, it's Christmas again and I've got the same issues.  Feels like deja vu I guess, or kind of a yearly Bill Murray Groundhog Day style experience?  This time, I'd like to end the cycle and I'm hoping you can help!  As the wise Robert Stack once said....

Join me.  Perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery. 

- What you are about to see is not a news broadcast -

1. What is the best guy gift you've ever given to a guy? 
It could be for a brother, boyfriend, brother, husband, dad, uncle, grandpa, friend, whatever!  Because let's face it, the typical "Great Gift Ideas for Him" like ties, cologne, silly gadgets found in the men's section of a department store, power tools, unnecessary electronics, socks, slippers, themed attire includes sports, beer, holiday or humor themes), or a membership to the jelly of a month club are just lame guy gifts.
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So what the heck is a good guy gift? I want to know!  And please keep in mind that new cars, vacations, diamonds, horses type gifts isn't in my budget :)  gift giving would be super easy if it was though, ha!  New cars & ponies for everyone!

2. If a "let's not do gifts this year" policy is agreed upon, do you follow it? 
Whether it is Alex and I or with family, this is one I struggle with.  I always feel like I should still get a little something for my loved ones even if we have agreed to not do a gift exchange on Christmas... and that has gotten me into trouble a time or two.  I guess my fear is that someone will give me a gift and then I will feel like a jerk if I don't have one to give in return.  So what do you think?  Should you follow the agreement always and if so, should the person that doesn't follow the agreement be considered the jerk?

3. Does anyone else feel a bit blue on Christmas Day too?
Not to sound super scrooge-like or depressed, but I really want to know.  The weird thing is that I enjoy the Christmas season, heck I look forward to it!  I love the holiday get togethers, time with family (when we're lucky enough to get home for the holidays), gift exchanges, food, theme attire including ugly Christmas sweaters), greeting cards,  And ya'll know I LOVE covering our house with Christmas decor and making it all cozy!  But it always feels like you go through all that excitement and get to Christmas Day and it just feels like any other day... which leads to feeling a little let down or sad or something?  I'm the type of person that likes to be on the happy side of things even in bummy situations, but there's always a moment or two on Christmas Day where I have a tough time.  Gosh, that just sounds so depressing right?  I guess it's the truth though, so now that I spilled my guts I'd love to know if anyone else experiences the same and if you do, what gets you out of feeling blue?
Now, I might already know part of the answer to #3 considering Alex and I spent the last two Christmases here in Minnesota alone since we couldn't make the trek to Michigan to be with family- and that leads me to another question...

4. If you are without family on Christmas, how do you spend it to make it feel special?
Alex and I made Christmas Day dinner plans with our neighbor friends that were also without family and that was a ton of fun!  We also thought about finding a volunteer opportunity that would help make Christmas day special for those in need.  What other ways can you make a lonesome Christmas special? Alex thinks we could just take turns sitting in our new bathtub with some holiday treats and nog- By the way, there will be a post this week that covers our finished bath/shower space!  And just to clarify, no we won't be boozed up sitting in our tub eating Christmas cookies and pie in case you were worried :)

*** Okay, now my last and most important question, and this is TOTALLY serious folks! ***

5. Why oh why are there so many TERRIBLE fragrance commercials on TV during the holiday season???  Really, can you say there is a good one out there?  I guess I just don't understand the logic behind most of these ads, like are we supposed to believe that we will become this creature of intrigue that lives a life of exotic vacations, runway walks, one night stands, polo matches, photo shoots on a yacht , and whatever else if we purchase and cover ourselves in that scent?  Or we see them and think, "Yea, I wanna smell like that!" I just don't get it, in all of these scenarios I just think said person would smell like B.O. right?

If I have to crown the worst one though, it's that J'adore Dior ad where Charlize Theron whispers an evil-breathy "J'ADORE".  I swear it's been on TV for like then years now, Santa please make it stop.  Sorry if it sounds like I'm on a rant now, but is anyone else with me?  Do you think the excessive fragrance ads spots are terrible too?

Well there you have it- Perhaps you may be able to help solve my five Unsolved Holiday Mysteries?
Help a gal out!  Be sure to leave a comment!

DISCLAIMER: This program is about unsolved mysteries.  Whenever possible, the actual family members and police officials have participated in recreating the events.  And I am totally kidding with the disclaimer :)