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Where in the World is Carla Sandiego (Zidarevich)?

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Funny story... or not really I guess?  Anyway, I'm not at my normal location in the world, right now I am in India and I'll be heading to China/Hong Kong as well in a few days.  It was a very, very last minute business trip that was booked less than a week ago.  So, I had to say goodbye to Alex and the pups for a while and hopped on a plane (I need to figure out how to take a decent "selfie" pic, I'm on a plane but it's a pretty crap-tacular photo)....
.... and after a delayed pit stop in Amsterdam I am now in New Delhi with the familiar traffic but a touch more smoke/fog left over from fireworks in celebration of Diwali.  Wish I was here for that part!
I will try to do a few quick posts with photos during my trip but I know I've shared a lot from my other work trips already so if I do I'll try to keep it fresh!

Just know things might be quiet around here for a while- That is unless Alex decides to stay busy with a project while I am gone like he has during past trips??!?  Not sure what he has up his sleeve this time since it was all so last minute, maybe he'll just kick back?  Who knows!  Anyway, just wanted to share that I'm on an around the world travel loop for a while :)

I think I'll spend my dull travel time dreaming up my Christmas decor!  It's almost that time and I'm pumped!  Anyone else dreaming up Christmas decor ideas too?

Oh, and I hope everyone got the Carmen Sandiego reference, if not here's a link :)