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Thanksgiving Table for Two

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  It's just Alex and I at home tonight with our puppy kiddos, so it's a Thanksgiving Table for Two this year.  We've been very thankful to host Thanksgiving for the past four years with the company of my sister-in-law Amber, her hubby Ryan, and our nephew Henri, but with the arrival of our new nephew Benjamin they weren't able to make the trip to Minnesota this time (can't blame them- that drive along the armpit of Indiana followed by the desolation across I-90/94 in Wisconsin is DREADFUL enough without a toddler and newborn in tow!).  

With that, knowing we wouldn't have guests this time, my dad had planned to make a trip here but sadly had an awful cold/strep/mini flu going on, so he had to change his plane ticket and visit in April instead (which is better anyway considering Minnesota is beautiful in the Spring and we didn't want to get sick too!).  Dad, I wish you were here and hope you get better soon!

So, Alex and I are having a Sweetheart style Thanksgiving and despite the lack of company, we did things the way we enjoy and do it best.  So... I tablescaped like always while Alex cooked up a storm (oh my do I LOVE me some tablescaping!)...

The main decor elements I had were a gray tablecloth, large lantern, and fresh eucalyptus branches.  It was so easy!  I just layered on the eucalyptus outward from the lantern I placed at the center of the table.

Beyond that, the only little DIY added in were these mini rosemary place-setting wreaths.  I took long rosemary stems and tied the ends together (super easy-peasy!)...

It all ended up very cute and perfectly easy to make this Thanksgiving for Two feel like a special unordinary dinner for just-us-two!

Very simple but still felt special for just us two :)  And to make it all the more special, after pigging out, we're counting on a Super Nintendo Super Mario Marathon (yep, we've got the old school Super Nintendo system and I plan to kick Alex's buns).  

Happy Thanksgiving! Best of Luck to Black Friday Shoppers as well!  We like sleeping in and hitting specials slowly after a big breakfast, but I'm still curious- What are you after this Black Friday?  TV's? Toys, Tablets?  I'd love a new TV but can't say we need it... ugh!  Isn't that the trouble of Black Friday?  Do you really need it?  Do we need that new TV?!?!