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Holiday Decor Galore! A Look at Bachman's 2013 Holiday Idea House

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Since Alex was busy working on the bathroom tile most of the weekend, I decided to get out of the house and headed over to Bachman's to check out their 2013 Holiday Idea House.  You know what that means- It's time to get inspired with overload of Holiday decor ideas!  

Once again, here is the background information on the Idea House just in case:
Bachman's is a Floral and Gift Garden here in Minneapolis and their original founder/owner's 1920's home is now used for their seasonal Idea House.  Everything about each room is different for every Spring, Fall and Holiday Idea House, right down to the paint on the walls with details/ideas included in a brochure when entering the home. 

This year's "Cozy, Contemporary Nordic Celebration," theme is all about simplicity in design presented in a fabulous way.  Okay, are you ready?!  You better be, I've got a ton of holiday photos and ideas coming at'cha!  Ho-Ho-Ho, here we go!

Living Room:

Ideas: Fabric inside cabinets to appear as stacked wood, Salvaged wood mounted on wall as art and wreath/candleholders, Textured oak wallpaper used for accent wall, Wall hangers display seasonal cards as art accented with paint stripes, Lanterns act as plant holders, Tree decorated with hanging votive holders, Baby cradle holds presents, Mittens layered with stockings on the mantel, Floor lamp made of wood vase and crystal knobs, Little red barn used as a doghouse, Coasters repurposed as vase and candle bases, Tree ornament created using a basket, filling and a bird, Presents wrapped with paper placemats and decorative paper.   Paint color: Hirshfield's 1089 Delicate Honeysweet.


Ideas: Vintage frame repurposed as tray, Vintage bedspring hung as pot rack, Dentist cabinet used as a kitchen organizer, Salvaged fan blade as holiday wall tree, Large vintage drawer used as wall organizer, Hanging heart vases, Lantern holds soap and lotion, Letter holder used for napkins.   Paint color: Hirshfield's 1096 The Ego Has Landed.

Dining Room:

Ideas: Radiator drip pan used as a fillable tray, Place-card holders act as vases, Rope and ornaments embellish napkin rings and table cloth, Salvaged wood mounted on walls as candleholders, Star lanterns turned into vases, Wood dough bowl case on buffet, Ornaments and garland hung on chandelier.  Paint color: Hirshfield's 0189 Delicate Honeysweet.

Main Floor Bathroom:

Ideas: Hearts part of decorative wall border, Mirror and wreath layered as wall art, Dishtowels hung as drapery and sink skirt, Metal tin used as towel hanger and organizer, Drawer acts as toilet paper holder.   Paint color: Hirshfield's 1096 The Ego Has Landed.


Ideas: Salvaged bin reused as bar, Chick incubator repurposed as a side table, Candle holders used as an ornament, Lamb feeder utilized as wine bottle storage, Mug warmers decorate decanters, Wall vases act as fillable art, Dried hydrangeas sprayed red as floral decor.   Paint color: Hirshfield's Thilbault Martinique Cream.

Entryway & Stairwell:

Ideas: Metal basket cart used as a planter, Table runner hung as wall art with vintage spool as hook, Salvaged wood and decorative metal hung as wall art.   Paint color: Hirshfield's 0006 Little Dove and 0190 Village Crier.

Gardener's Room:

Ideas: Terra cotta pots and ribbon turned into bells hanging in window with greenery and lights and valance, Birdbath turned into holiday tablescape, Hanging bottle vases embellished with craft paper, decorative tape and stamps, Vintage window screen and grate hung as wall art, Roll of moss garland appears like a holiday wreath, Votive cups used as Paperwhite containers, Heart container filled with decorative potpourri around Paperwhite, Decorative wicker hanging balls used as Paperwhite holder with moss filler, Live plant wall art, Paper placemats hung as wallpaper, Chairs accented with deco mesh, Indoor container mixes Amaryllis and Tropicals plus bamboo and succulents, Wire basket filled with ferns, mesh ribbon liner, Apple Blossoms, and Amaryllis, DIY miniature garden created with Dept. 56 product and fairy garden accessories.   Paint color: Hirshfield's 0400 New Foliage.

Master Bedroom:

Ideas: Rustic wall snowflake accented by painted shadow, Birch branch used as ornament hanger, Headboard made from cedar shingles, Lamp made from copper pipe and an outdoor table/stool, Jewelry holder made from birch rounds and ornament holders, Tree accent with copper wire.   Paint color: Hirshfield's 0455 Favored One.

Girl's Bedroom:

Ideas: Large basket acts as nightstand, Porch posts used to make a canopy bed accented with lights, Bird cage turned into a miniature fairy garden, Galvanized wash basin acts as tree base holder, Framed fairy hanging as ornament, Ribbon, snowflakes, and decorated clothespins display cards, Vintage garden table and chairs used as coloring space, Vintage vanity shortened and used as play desk, Metal owls used as bookend.  Paint color: Hirshfield's 0686 Outerspace.

Upstairs Bathroom:

Ideas: Rustic wall snowflake accented by painted shadow, Birch baskets used as towel holder and soap holder, Ornament holder becomes toilet paper holder, Deer head vase holds toothbrushes, Decorative box used as makeup and brush holder, Copper wire used as curtain holder, Copper leaves accented with stems and berries as shower curtain embellishments, Wreath and light up ornament hung as window decor.  Paint color: Hirshfield's 0455 Favored One.

Tablescape Idea Room:

Happy New Year's Theme: Mirror used as serving tray, Scarf accented with ribbon as chair-back embellishment, Chalkboard table runner used as a wall treatment, Ornament in a glass votive for party favor, Bracelets used as decoration for candles, Candle bowl used for wine chiller, Mini chalkboard decals used for name markers on glasses.

Classic Holiday Theme Ideas: Serving tray used as a candle and potpourri holder, Deco mesh used for chair back accent with permanent greens, Boxes and lids used as graphic wall element, Gold placemats used as wall treatment, Candle holders used as water glasses, Red candle holder accented with holiday botanical and ribbon, Place settings "wrapped" like presents, Crystal Poinsettias used as place-card holders.

Winter Wedding Theme Ideas: Place-card holder filled with snow, Ribbon decorates chair, Upside-down bowls used as place setting risers, Branch and throw blanket hung as wall decor, Throw blanket used as table runner, Wreaths used in lighting.  Paint color: Hirshfield's 0189 Delicate Honeysweet.


Ideas: Vintage metal cart utilized as winter boot and hat organizer, Screen door erected as chalkboard, Dishtowels hanging as drapery fastened with chalkboard clips, Candle-scape made of tin container moss, balls, candles, and paper luminaries, Lighting constructed with upside down metal baskets, Ornament made into trivets and coasters, Mini sled used as a serving tray.  Paint color: Hirshfield's 012 Bunny Cake (trim) & 211 Light Lichen (floor).

Outdoor Decor:

Ideas: Permanent greens, acorns and snowflakes woven around address sign, Velvet twigs mixed with spruce tops in containers, Green garland embellished with Magnolia, Eucalyptus, and lights.

That's a wrap!  What were YOUR favorite ideas?

I was digging the hot cocoa set up on the porch and loved all of the real greenery used as decor indoors.  I have to say, there's something nice about having live plants and greenery inside during the icky, LONG, freezing winter months here in Minnesota- it's kind of the only green I'll see until May (ugh, isn't that depressing? I can feel cabin fever coming on already)....

Regardless I've got that ants-in-my-pants feeling, I want a tree right now so I can get my ho-ho-holiday decorating on! Anyone else with me?


PLEASE NOTE / DISCLAIMER: In case you missed the post intro, I just want to reiterate that this IS NOT OUR HOUSE and I am not employed or affiliated with Bachman's in any way (which means I did not decorate the rooms shown).  I enjoy visiting the Idea House and love sharing it as long as they allow people take photographs when they visit.