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My Mad Halloween Dogs...

Kayd RoyComment
It's Halloween and I totally forgot to get our pups costumes this year, I'm a bad doggie mom :(

Rocco and Sadie are so mad at me.... 
Who knew they'd take it so personally?!?  They always look so miserable anyway in their costumes that I thought they'd be happy to skip it this year?  So hard to please these two I tell ya!
HAHA!  Okay, well the real story here is who knew it'd be so much fun to get a pack of fake eyebrows for a $1 and put them on your dogs?!?!  I was cracking up while taking these pictures, Rocco and Sadie really do look mad with those angry eyebrows, LOL!  It'd kind of like the "Uncle Leo Eyebrows" thing from Seinfeld, anyone else remember that?

Alright, hope you got a giggle from Rocco and Sadie's faux brow photos :)  Time to get ready to hand out some candy!  Happy Halloween everybody!