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Dining Room Paint Project & Progress

Kayd Roy8 Comments
We kicked off our Dining Room Paint Project last Sunday and sadly didn't get much further on it during the work week, but here is a look at where we are at...
So why the big color change?  Well after four and a half years cooking and dining in the dark red, we were both just plain sick of it. The dark red kept making everything look and feel too traditional country kitchen or something.  I know we liked the color (Behr's Sequoia Grove) when we painted almost five years ago, but I guess it just doesn't reflect our style much anymore.  It was actually pretty funny how easy it was to agree on repainting, all I said to Alex one day was "I'm kind of sick of the dark red color, it feels so old and too traditional, I'm just feeling sick of it" and he replied with a simple "Yea, me too, let's pick out a new color."  I have to say it was probably the easiest project decision we've ever made together- but then there was the color choice of course.

When it came to a new color I knew I wanted something lighter, cleaner, neutral, and really just something that felt a bit more modern.  Most of the rooms I've been pinning all have sort of a black and white or white with warm neutrals with a little color pop going on....
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So after much debate over said neutral color, we decided on Behr's Wheat Bread.  It was the perfect not to gray, not too white, not too taupe color we were looking for!
Like I said, not much progress during the week but I'm pumped to (hopefully) finish up all the painting and maybe even install a new light fixture this weekend. 

Woo-hoo, here's to high hopes!!!!  What are you working on this weekend?