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Michigan Mitten Wall Art

Kayd RoyComment
Before leaving for our big Europe vacation, I added a little priced of wall art back at home in Minneapolis of the first place we called home- Michigan. 
It's a solid wood piece carved in the shape of the lower Michigan peninsula (aka the Mitten).  I lived my whole life in Grand Rapids until moving to Minneapolis and it has a cute little heart where the city is located.

I got my Michigan Mitten wall art from my Aunt Mary a while ago but couldn't find the perfect spot for it until now.  I thought it fit perfectly on the small blank wall we had by our basement door (between our kitchen and back entry).  

It feels sort of hidden or tucked away, like a little reminder just for Alex & I of where we came from, where we started, and where our loved ones are.  Just simple and sentimental little Mitten :)