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Veggies Growing & Our New Hydrenga is Blooming!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Can you believe how fast summer is flying by?  That really slow start to spring sure didn't help- speaking of that, did anyone else wonder how that would affect their plants/landscaping?  Maybe I am a weirdo because I did, but maybe it's because I didn't see our Tulips and Peonies earlier and instead they sort of came up with everything else.  I should have known though that nature would figure itself out and it did.  Everything around here seems to be growing like crazy- including the veggies in our DIY planter boxes! 

Some of them are even ready to eat!  I'm kind of shocked Alex and I grew something edible, you know like a farmer, LOL!  I'm pretty amused by it, and I've enjoyed calling Alex "Farmer Ted" (Sixteen Candles anyone?) every time he goes out to water the garden.  Naturally I had to make a visual... 
Alex didn't get the reference and that seemed to make it more fun for me :)  I know it's weird, but it still makes me giggle!
Aside from the new garden greens & farmer Ted thing in the backyard, I'm happy to share pretty pics of our new hydrangea shrubs in the front yard!  I had wanted hydrangea shrubs since the first summer in our house and this being our fifth summer I thought it was finally time!  I have to tell you though they had a rough start and long story short, a week after planting they looked pretty dry and another week later almost dead even though I watered them five days a week. Thankfully, I was able to revive them!
I learned is that they needed TONS of water! Hydrangeas are thirsty- especially when they are newly planted!  I watered them everyday, about 2 or 3 gallons (while reviving) and then went down to 1 gallon when they started improving.  It's a crap ton of watering compared to other plants but it's been worth it to me.  Hydrangeas just seem so charming, fluffy and happy! I'm loving this pretty addition in our front yard!

So what's growing and blooming in your yard?  Any happy hydrangeas? 
Are you enjoying home grown veggies too?

I'd love to know if anyone has fun recipes that they love to use for garden veggies, let us know!