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Uncle Alex Good, Auntie Carla Bad

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You can't win them all right?  Well, that saying was especially true this weekend when my sister Holly, brother-in-law Brian, and our (almost) one year old niece Brynnan came from Michigan to Minneapolis for a visit.  Why you ask?  Well on the very first day they arrived, Brynnan warmed up to her Uncle Alex right away and when it came to her Auntie Carla, well you get the idea based on Exhibit A below....
Exhibit A
Yep, Uncle Alex got sweet, cute, snuggly, cuddly love from Brynn and the reaction I got was an expression of shear terror followed by loud cries for mom.   It was so sad!  I thought if either of us could have the upper hand in the like-ability area with Brynn it would be me considering I look like her mom and for petes-sake am blood related to her mom. 

Yep, this type of reaction happened over and over as shown in Exhibit B.  Perhaps the worst though was seeing Alex's smug grin when he would happily hold her with no cries or sign or terror in her eyes.  Ugh, it was so, so, so smug
Exhibit B
I know it might be because we live far away and she doesn't see us much (which alone makes me feel sad) but I hope it won't be that way next time I see her. Who wouldn't feel sad making a cute baby cry?  Feels pretty crummy especially when you are her Auntie!

Despite feeling bummed that I couldn't hold Brynn as much as I wanted to, we still had lots of fun hanging out and catching up over the weekend. A few highlights included lunch and pictures by the Mississippi Riverfront...

Lots of playing at home and out-and-about with Brynn...
Goodness, that blonde hair and those blue eyes are the sweetest thing right?!?!
But our favorite of the weekend visit was the Como Zoo and Conservatory.  Brynn liked the action at the Zoo but I think she loved the trees and plants at the Conservatory even more! 

... and Auntie Carla loved that she got to take some adorable photos of a very happy Brynnan!

Now before I end this post, wouldn't ya know it-  There's a surprise-twist ending! (Thankfully)

Just before their Minnesota visit came to a close, I sat down with Brynn at the bottom of our staircase and she didn't get upset... she SMILED!  Yaaayyy!  I was so happy and even happier that Brian had a camera close enough to capture the moment.  I love our photo together, makes me a happy Auntie Carla :)
PS- did you notice the unhappy furry little head in the corner of the photo?  Perhaps my first born was jealous like I was of Alex?!?!?  Probably not, but it's pretty strange/funny that Rocco managed to wedge his head in my glorious moment, ha!

Well that was it for our family visit and we loved every minute! 
Now, how about you? Will you have family visiting over the Fourth of July holiday?  If you do and you have little nieces or nephews, I wish you better luck than I had at the beginning :) I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th and remembers to be thankful for our country's independence. I also must say thank you to all of the men and women that still protect our freedoms everyday!

Be safe, have lots of fun, and enjoy the fireworks!