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Stupid Chairs

Kayd Roy27 Comments
I hate getting stuck on any project, but I really hate it when I get stuck on the small ones that were supposed to be easy.  Case in point, those chairs I got a few weeks ago from a yard sale for just $20 thinking, "Oh I'll just paint them and reupholster the seats, it'll be so easy!"  Silly Carla, you were so wrong.  Yep, those stupid chairs are sitting in our sunroom, still unfinished, and I swear they are taunting me!  Its a stupid chair for poop's sake, why don't I have this done yet? All I have to do is the fabric and paint the wood, that's it! But instead of easy, this is what happened instead.....
Fabric I picked out online. FAIL.
Fabric I picked out at a Vintage Sale. Again, FAIL....
Given that the fabric search wasn't going well I thought I'd just paint the wood a color I liked and then I'd be sure to find a fabric to match the wood color!
Nope, that also turned out to be a bad idea after I spent and hour at SR Harris wrestling through their MEGA warehouse of fabric only to rush as they were closing and quickly grabbed two moderately priced patterns that might work and took them home to show Alex.  As I pulled them out of the bag, I quickly realized the mistake I had made before he had to say "That one looks like grandma print and that one looks like a bunch of sparkly pot leaves." EPIC FAIL.
What was I thinking? I mean seriously? The toile isn't terrible but yea, that leaf is bad, so so bad!  I thought it was kind of like the Palm Leaf print trend I've been seeing but NO, not at all! Now I can't decide which part is worse, the fact that I've wasted close to $70 on fabric or that I may have to sand and repaint the chairs a different color.  Money or manual labor? Hmmm, still both equally bad :(

Either way, I'm just bummed and annoyed at this point.  I wish I was sharing finished pics instead of complaining but I guess that is just the truth- not every project (big or small) goes smoothly or the way you plan sometimes and I shouldn't let it bug me so much... even though it still does, I'm trying to let it go though!

So now it's time to take one last stab and finishing these chairs up.... and if things don't pan out I'm just going to set them on fire in a fit of anger.  Whoops, did I say that out loud?!  I don't think I'd go that far, but I kind of feel like it right now, ha!  I'm thinking I might just have to give up on the colorful idea and go back to a simpler look because that is honestly more my style and I should just go with it!

I'd love any ideas/suggestions!  Really, someone just tell me what to do! 
Do I leave the paint color?  If so, what fabric color or print should I add?
Should I paint the wood a different color?  Then what color or print should I use for the cushion?