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My "Stupid" Chairs are finally done! Time for Fun Redecorating!

Kayd RoyComment
I can hardly believe it myself- My "Stupid" chairs are finally done!  Those icky old $20 yard sale chairs now have some style and that only took about two months (barf!).  After all the failed fabric choices, painting, repainting, and some DIY seat cushion tufting, I now have some chairs that are not only easier on the eyes but heck- I can sit my bum on them at last too! 
Navy Blue velvet cushion cover: Ikea $7.00  |  Navy blue throw: Ikea (no longer available)  | Fur Hide: SR Harris locations $15.00/lb
I finished up tufting the second seat cushion yesterday and then the fun began- I had a new set of accent chairs to play with!  I dressed them up a bit with some pretty decorative pillows, a throw blanket, and cowhide fur (new find from SR Harris, kind of strange but I liked the look, totally different than the cowhide you see at Ikea).  
I rearranged some furniture and added my newly finished chairs into the sunroom by the back entry... and that (as you might imagine) lead to another side project.  Yes, the new color, pattern, and texture got me all jazzed up to revamp the look in our sunroom

The updated chairs are just the start! I can't wait to show you how different this room is looking with some new color and decor! 

What do you think of the chairs?  Do you like the color and tufting?
What else would you do or add in a room with the chairs?