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Last Minute Fourth of July Decor at the Hammers and High Heels House

Kayd RoyComment
Happy Fourth of July everybody!  Although it was kind of last minute, we decided that it'd be fun to just have a low-key kind of backyard barbecue with some friends and neighbors.  Naturally, I had to do some last minute decorating to give our home some patriotic spirit (which included our dogs too, they're proud little American pups)!
All I used to decorate were six flags (2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large sizes) and four rolls of decorative ribbon from JoAnne's which totalled under $10!   I hung the flags from our mantel with some galvanized metal ribbons I had from Bachmans, so simple and I love the classic American look!
In the Dining Room, I hung the flags similar to the mantel over our sideboard then wrapped some ribbon around the lanterns, wreath, and a small floral centerpiece.  Super simple right?  But it totally fits the feel of the Fourth!
Honestly, I'm pretty surprised with how nice my last minute decorating efforts turned out! Usually last minute doesn't go that well for me.  I wish I decorated a couple weeks ago so I could enjoy the look a bit longer :)

How about you? 
What kind of simple Fourth of July decor tips do you have?
What will you be doing to celebrate the Fourth?

Have fun celebrating our country's independence and freedom today!  Happy Fourth of July!