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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Brynn's 1st Birthday Ensemble!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Today's DIY is tu-tu much fun and it requires no sewing, woo-hoo!  About a month ago, my sister Holly asked if I would be able to help make a cute 1st birthday outfit for my niece that included a tutu and "1" onesie- Well duh, of course I would! I would have helped to make anything for my little niece's birthday but I was pretty pumped to make a tutu! 

Not gonna lie, I kind of want a tutu for myself for no particular reason, LOL!  But I certainly wouldn't make a tutu look as stinkin' cute as Brynn did on her 1st birthday, just look at this happy little cutie pie...
 My sister picked up the supplies, here is what you need to make the birthday onesie and tutu: - 3 yards of tulle (amount will vary depending on the size and poofy-ness of tutu)
- Elastic
- Plain onesie
- Patterned fabric (small scrap amount)
- Heat n' Bond Iron-on Adhesive
- Scissors
- Number stencil or print out to trace onto fabric

Let's start with the tutu!
Begin by cutting the tulle into 4" wide strip that measure double the length you want the tutu skirt to be.  I measured Brynn's length to be 7.0", so I cut strips that were 4.0" wide and 14.0" in length (this is because you will fold it over the elastic waist).  As you can see in the below photos, I had 6 layers of tulle stacked up so I could get all the pieces cut faster- individually would take waayyy too long for my attention span :)
I also cut the ends at an angle so the tulle skirt would have a little dimension and not be a flat-edged tutu.

Once you have all the strips cut, grab your elastic and cut it to size and just tie the ends together (you can sew if you want to, but I did a no-sew version).  Then, all you do from there is fold it in half over the elastic and tie it on!  It's so stinkin' easy!
Just know if you want a good amount of poofy-ness on the tutu you will be tying a lot of tulle onto the elastic waist- but it is totally worth it! Who doesn't need a poofy tutu?!?

Onto the "1" onesie!
Here all you do is take your patterned fabric, trace what you want to add on the onesie (for me it was "1"), cut out what you traced, and then use the Heat n' Bond iron-on adhesive to add onto the onesie.  Again, super easy and no sewing required!

My little niece looked so dang adorable in her birthday outfit!  I was bummed I couldn't be in Michigan for the party but thankfully I will be able to see her and my nephew Henri one week from today (and possibly meet my new nephew, my sister-in-law is nearing her due date)I can't wait!

Well, I'm Head Over Heels for this tutorial- How could I not be?!? 

What do you think?  Do you love Brynn's first birthday look?
Do you secretly want a tutu too?  Or am I crazy?!

Have a great weekend everyone!