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A Refreshed Look for the Sunroom

Kayd Roy4 Comments
As promised, here is an updated look at our Sunroom now that I've added my newly refinished chairs!  Naturally, with any updated look I always have to take a look back at where we really started (peach paint, ivory carpet, and all that blah)...
... in order to see where we ended up, and I'm loving this rich, crisp, colorful new look!

It's been a long road in this space going from peach walls to gray/blue, carpet to wood floors, radiator to covered bench seat (DIY tutorial here), and then decorating with some simple/vintage muted decor.

 Perhaps my colorful chair redo shows that we are shifting with our style a bit? 
 I know the look is bolder but I'm really digging it!  Although it's crazy to me, I know we've been in our house almost five years now and I think it is starting to get an eclectic look that reflects us, who we were, and who we are now as a couple.... 
Our rooms are filled with a more unique personalized touch instead of all the Ikea product we had when we got into our home and first apartment (no offense to Ikea, we LOVE Ikea, just happy that not every chair, photo, frame, and pillow are from there anymore!).

When it came to this room, who knew that refinishing some crappy old chairs, adding cowhide, a rich colored pillow or throw, and framed photos of happy memories of us and our family members would be the perfect mix of what we needed in our old (and sometimes also *crappy old*) house to make it feel perfect... or just perfectly like us :)

Anyone else know what I mean about a home starting to reflect you and the life you've been living?  How has your home and home decor shaped up?
What do you think of our Sunroom space look since adding the new chairs?
Do you like the color or do you like it more muted?

Lots of change and summer fun updates from us coming soon! Hope you'll be back to hear!