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Vintage Clothing & Textile Sale and a Lucky Fabric Find for my Chairs!

Kayd Roy5 Comments
How was everyone's weekend?  I have to say, ours felt pretty fantastic!  We attended a neighborhood party, got out to sit by the lake in the sunshine, and I went with some friends to an awesome vintage clothing, jewelry, and textile sale held at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.  I was surprised the sale wasn't busier because (I'll say it again) it was AWESOME!  The sale had over 45 booths showcasing 100+ years of clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and textiles. 

None of us left empty handed and we all spent more than we thought we would- and I mean that in a good way!  I brought home this vintage accent rug for $20, the antique rosary for $10, and 4 yards of vintage printed fabric for $20....
I know the red bead rosary might seem a bit random but it reminded me of one I had when I was little, perhaps given to me by my grandma and it just made me think of her when I saw it :)

I was so stoked when I found that vintage rug, you can NEVER pass up a vintage rug in good condition. They are timeless and you can count on keeping around for a while!  I knew the perfect spot for it would be front and center at our front entry at the bottom of the stairs...
Isn't the color and pattern amazing?!?!?  It was hard to get the color to show consistently in the photos I took, I know it looks a bit different in each photo but it is just gorgeous!

As for the vintage fabric (and those of you that saw my Friday post you might have already guessed) it is going to be used on my latest chair project.  As I mentioned Friday, the fabric I ordered didn't look quite right for the chairs and it was unanimous in the comments that you all agreed :) the scale of the pattern just looked wrong with the cane pattern, and I know some of you might think I am crazy but I'm going with the navy and coral fabric I found at the sale!

Yep, it's a bold choice but I love the color, pattern, and I think the chairs will turn out fabulous!  I have the seat cushions ready to add fabric too and I am picking up paint tonight!  I'm hoping to find a color similar to the dark navy ground in the print, I think it will look luscious!   

What do you think? 
Is my fabric choice crazy or are you loving the unique vintage look of it too?

Before I go, here's a few photos from the Vintage Clothing and Textile sale.  I highly recommend going to the next one!  I know I will be going for sure!