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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Printed Cloth from India Mounted on Canvas

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Remember that hand printed cloth I got at the Delhi Haat Market during my India trip?  Well, I finally figured out how to display it as wall art!  Geeze, that only took me five months to figure out, sheesh!  But here's a look at this week's DIY creation...

When I purchased it I knew I loved it, but didn't quite know what I was going to do with it.  I knew I didn't want to just frame it behind a glass, but what about a canvas?  Paintings done on canvas get wrapped onto a wood frame and they look beautiful and authentic.  I thought it'd be the perfect way to display the printed cloth! 

So, I popped over to JoAnne's and picked up a canvas to mount the fabric on.  I wanted to make my own wood frame, but sadly didn't have enough time (or energy really) to build one.  Once I got it home, I centered the cloth on the canvas and got ready to attach it to the frame.
I decided to use flat thumbtacks instead of a staple gun to attach the cloth.  I'm not sure if staple guns are used for attaching most canvas cloths to wood frames but that is the way I've always seen them.  I thought the thumbtacks would be less likely to ruin the cloth or if for any reason I want to take the cloth down I will still be able to.  I ensured that the cloth stayed evenly placed as I added the tacks about 3"- 4" apart around the frame.
Once it was finished I mounted it to the wall in our stairwell which is full of other wall art and photos from our travels.  I love that you can still see the authentic print and texture in the fabric since it isn't behind glass.  Certainly a unique piece in our stairwell now!

I'm so happy that the printed cloth is now proudly displayed instead of folded up in my project pile.  Head Over Heels for my new piece of wall art from India!

What do you think of my display idea for the cloth/tapestry?
What other ways would you have displayed it?