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Head Over Heels DIY(?) Friday: Chair Project Help

Kayd Roy15 Comments
Well, not much DIY-ing going as planned (wa-wa).  In it's place is a lot of "ugh, what should I do?" since I got the fabric I order in the mail for my latest chair redo project.  Sure, the fabric is exactly what I picked out but now that I am seeing the texture and scale of the pattern with the chair I'm second guessing my choice :(

So, I am wondering if I can get some help from you out there?  Please take a look at the pictures I took of the chair with the fabric- and keep in mind I need to paint the chairs still (they are a bit roughed up from sanding). 
What would you do? 
Do you think the fabric looks nice?
If you keep the fabric, what color would you paint the chairs?

Now if you feel kind of ehh about it or flat out hate it, I have a second thought option (I also need your opinion here).  I admit, I like watching the Fashion Police on E! and given my current predicament, I couldn't help but wonder if I should update these chairs with a similar look to the ones on their set?  Basically, the wood would be white with dark gray slubby fabric and nailhead trim.  They just look so cute and classic when I see them on the show.  Hmmm...
Fashion Police set via E! Online  |  Louis Chair via Jonathan Adler

What do you think? What kind of look would make you Head Over Heels for these chairs?
I think I might be in a DIY rut :(  Please help me out if you have a moment to post a comment, I'd really appreciate it!