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Hammers and High Heels is Getting Social!

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Hammers and High Heels is now on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!  You might already know that we've had a Facebook page, but I'm excited that we're getting on board with more social media sites!

I know you might be thinking, "well duh, it's about time!," but I'm an old fart when it comes to social media stuff, it makes me feel overwhelmed!  I worried for a while that adding all the other sites/places to connect with people would be too much for me to figure out and manage, I still struggle to keep up with emails for poops-sake!  But, as I jumped onto Pinterest and Instagram I found that they are fun, easy to use or link up automatically, and pretty darn addicting (in a good way).  Twitter is still TBD because I kind of still don't get it, need to research more info on that... remember it's my old fart attitude :)
At least now I don't have to hear my friends say, "What?!  You're not on Pinterest, that's crazy you'd love it!" and ya'll were right, I totally do!  Same with Instagram, I love taking photos and I think it might be a fun way to show project progress in real time!

So if you'd like to follow Hammers and High Heels on social media, here are the links to our Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages (also in our right sidebar).  I'm also working on adding share buttons/ Pin It buttons for post photos too, stay tuned!

I think I'm MOST excited to share my Pinterest boards with you and hopefully get some ideas from your boards too!  Also know that I am still getting the hang of Instagram- so if you have tips let me know (or really I'd just love any tips on simplifying things in the social media universe)!  Goodness knows I don't want to get overwhelmed with all this techie stuff :)

I'll see you tomorrow for a JUICY Head Over Heels Friday, weeeeee!

***UPDATE: Issues with Instagram and Facebook linking, I will fix ASAP!