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Three Years of Hammers and High Heels- Plus a Celebration Giveaway!

Kayd Roy38 Comments
Well, it's been officially three years since our very first blog post went up and Hammers and High Heels came to life.  My-oh-my how we've changed since then...

... Well okay, not really but our home sure has (along with our photo quality) and Hammers and High Heels has too!  Even just year ago our blog had a whole different look/feel and the year before that too....
Any Followers remember the old blog looks?

It has been really fun to see the blog evolve over time along with our home and us!  With that (and yes it's sort of nerdy) I can't help but also compare the numbers part of our growth too.  Sure, we may not be "big time" but seeing these numbers change/grow over time is very cool!

In our first year we had 182 posts written, 246 followers, and 732 comments published
 Then in the second year 374 posts written, 805 followers, and 1,896 comments published
Today, those numbers have changed to....
539 posts written, 1,019 followers, and 2,989 comments published

Sharing each experience wouldn't have mattered or felt as rewarding if it weren't for the people out there reading it....  Which leads me to our celebration giveaway!  Afterall, a big part of this celebration is because of YOU!   So, we have a $25.00 Home Depot giftcard up for grabs!  We'd love to know how to make year FOUR better, or bigger, or different than before- so all you need to do is let us know in the comments!

For a chance to win all you need to do is...
1.  Post a comment answering any of the questions below about our blog
2. For an additional entry "Like" our Facebook page if you haven't already!

The winner will be chosen by random number selection according to the order of the comments in this post and on our Facebook wall.  Again, I'd really love constructive feedback so let us know what's on your mind!  Here are some starter questions, but any insight is good too...

What brought you to our blog?
What do you like about reading our blog?
What do you wish we showed/shared more of?
What type of posts are your favorite?
What do you think is missing from our blogsite?
Etc. (feel free to let loose!)

Lastly, I have to close out this third blog-a-versary post in the same fashion as year one and year two (I think it's a tradition now!)...

In closing for year four, I look forward to every post I get to write, every renovation adventure ahead, every DIY project that comes together, every comment that comes our way, and every follower that decides to join our adventure. I truly love what this little blog has turned into, it has brought a lot of fun and happiness into my life.

Thank you for coming along with us on this blog journey!!!!
~ Carla & Alex (and fur babies Rocco & Sadie!)