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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: My 2013 Kentucky Derby Hat!

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Giddy-up!!!  We're gearing up for the Kentucky Derby this weekend!   But... no, we aren't headed to the Churchill Downs (sadly, because how awesome would that be?).  We will be heading to the 2nd most awesome place to be on Derby day- our friend's annual Kentucky Derby Party! 

I know it might sound silly but it is probably my favorite "theme" party.  Think about it, everybody dresses up in their best southern type style, you can place bets for a little friendly competition, sip mint juleps, and it's a must for ladies to wear their biggest or best derby hat (which is my favorite part of course)We've attended their party for the past two years and I'm so excited for year three!  We always have a great time and the photos are cute memories to look back on.  It's a theme the boys love to get in on too!

So naturally, the DIY on my mind this week is my Derby Hat!  As you can see in our 2011 and 2012 photos, I went for the big hat look.  This year I'm switching it up with a smaller cloche style hat.  I was totally inspired by Marisa Miller's 2011 look, small hat but big style!
Inspiration via Bad Joan, Etsy, My Scoop, and Makowsky Millinery

I got lucky and found a perfect hat on clearance at Target for $6.48!  Then all I did was add some ribbon and a peacock feather embellishment from JoAnne's for $3.99.

I don't wear hats all that often so it feels extra fun and costume-y, totally Head Over Heels!  Now if only the weather would cooperate so I don't have to wear snowpants to the party.... shhhesh!

How about you? 

Will you be sporting a Derby Hat this weekend? Or attending a Derby themed party? 
Better yet, which horse are you betting on (we could use tips on that one!)? 

Remember, whether or not you attend a party wearing a pretty hat still fun!  Have a great weekend!